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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

Experience the wild adventures of the author as he travels in remote corners of the world. Read more...

Experts in travel to remote corners of the world

Jim Harlan Radio Interview

Listen to Jim Harlan’s radio interview on the George Espenlaub Show! It’s absolutely fabulous!

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Guatemalan Border Guards

Excerpt from book, “Drifting On A Headwind” by Jim Harlan, as he approached the El Salvador border from Guatemala:

When morning arrived, I pulled up to find that the Guatemalan border guards had little sense of humor. They immediately asked why my passport did not show entry into their country.

“I have driven from Belize,” I explained. They just laughed.

They hauled me into the back room and started to tear the Rambler apart assuming that, with such an inconceivable story, I must be running something. In the back room they told me that no one had ever driven from Belize before, and they pressed me for the ‘real story.’ I asked them why there was no border station between Belize and Guatemala. They simply stared back at me. Right then I began to understand that these guys had no idea where Belize actually was. I suspected they were in a position of authority due to family ties in a corrupt country. I started to posture myself differently.


Surviving the Sharks

Randy Harwood Photography


Excerpt from book, “Drifting On A Headwind” by Jim Harlan:

Though I had learned not to fear sharks, these predatory specimens terrified me. The sharks opted to approach from my blindside, but a kick to their heads would send them darting into the blue. I was drawing a crowd when I heard the ruckus coming out of the sun. Thirty or forty of them approaching from all directions sent the sharks deep. Protecting me like one of their own, the dolphins chased the sharks even deeper. I was unsure if this attack was conducted on my behalf or was just part of an ongoing open ocean war. I knew that surviving the night would be a miracle.”

Plane Crash In The Jungle

Sample crash. Image from

Excerpt from book “Drifting On A Headwind” by Jim Harlan:

The plane dropped like a rock as Carlos futilely tried to recover. The landing gear caught the end of the creek and snapped off like a matchstick. We torpedoed down the wet runway until the left wing dropped and flipped us upside down as pieces of the broken propeller shattered the windshield. The cockpit filled with gasoline that blinded both of us. I could taste the grass of the runway in my mouth as I gasped for air.”

Arrested In A Foreign Country

Excerpt from book, “Drifting On A Headwind” by Jim Harlan:

Finally the cell door opened and in walked a priest dressed in his Sunday best. Like the Federales, he never looked at me. In a low voice, he began to read me “The Last Rights.” Even at my young age, I realized that everyone knows when he is guilty. This time I was not, and, for this reason, I elected not to panic. The priest never made eye contact with me, which struck me as very odd. About an hour later three Federales entered my cell and began their predictable interrogation. All three were portly and looked as if they had been drinking heavily for decades. Their uniforms were torn, their shirts were hanging out, and I could see the rust on their guns.”

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Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.