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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

Experience the wild adventures of the author as he travels in remote corners of the world. Read more...

Experts in travel to remote corners of the world

Exotic Adventures

Uncommon Exotic Dives and Land Adventures

Choose from a number of exotic destinations and far out adventures. Uncommon Adventures has developed itineraries and extraordinary activities, from First Class flights to the best mix of culture and diving on the planet to camel rides in the desert.

PNG Highlands and Diving
$4690.00 per person

Highland Cultural Adventure and liveaboard diving. The best mix of culture and diving on the planet. Papua New Guinea is a last frontier for adventure travelers – with unparalleled diving, Stone Age villages whose natives, the Mudmen and the Wigman have fascinating ancient cultural rites. New Guinea is the ultimate dive destination offering the most diversified diving in the world. This is a destination for the most experienced traveler as well as the spirited neophyte intrigued by the unusual.

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Borneo – Orangutans, Pelagics & Critters
$2980.00 per person

Home to the last wild orangutans of Borneo, this trip takes you through the rugged jungle to the rainforest island of Sipidan, rising 2100 feet from the Celebes Sea to the natural serenity of Kapalai Resort, nestled into a brilliant white sandbank and surrounded by turquoise blue waters. Borneo offers one of the most bio-diverse diving experiences on the planet.

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Tanzania Safari and Diving
$5785.00 per person

Best Beef & Reef on the planet. All air, meals and diving. No place on earth can match what East Africa offers in adventure and frontier diving. Travellers can view the finest wildlife on the planet while experiencing the amazing comfort of spectacular safari lodges. We highly recommend that travellers enjoy the incredible reefs and beaches of this region.

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Thailand, Temples, Tribes & Whalesharks
$4480.00 per person

Thailand is described by many travelers as the most exotic country in Asia. On this epic adventure you will see the incredible temples of Bangkok and ride elephants to remote hill tribe villages lost in Thailand’s tropical northern jungles. You will travel to Cambodia’s Angkor region to see perhaps the worlds finest collection of exotic temples lost in a jungle setting. You will dive the phenomenal reefs of Thailand and Burma, which contain an amazing number of exotic tropicals and hundreds of species of both hard and soft corals, enough to impress the most seasoned diver. This area offers amongst the best opportunities to see large pelagic animals, such as whale sharks and manta rays.

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Indonesia, Bali & Wakatobi
$3660.00 per person

Enjoy Bali, river rafting and the unbelievable reefs of Wakatobi. Divers will find dramatic drop offs, sheer walls, current swept sea mounts patrolled by groups of sharks and stunning shallow coral gardens. The variety of exotic tropical fish in these waters is staggering with ample opportunity to see manta rays, dolphins, sharks and all large pelagics. The waters are filled with beautiful soft and hard corals inhabited by thousands of colorful reef fish. Visibility is superb and water temperatures average 82 degrees.

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Uncommon Adventures specializes in unique adventure travel and expeditions to all corners of the world. Our well traveled staff is able to provide you with personal insights to the uncommon destinations on the planet. Life is short! Start your adventure today.

Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.