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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

Experience the wild adventures of the author as he travels in remote corners of the world. Read more...

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Papua New Guinea Highland and Dive Adventure

> South Pacific > Papua New Guinea

Highland Cultural Adventure and Live Aboard Diving

Image source: Randy Harwood Photography

The best mix of culture and diving on the planet. Papua New Guinea is a last frontier for adventure travelers – with unparalleled diving, Stone Age villages whose natives, the Mudmen and the Wigman have fascinating ancient cultural rites. New Guinea is the ultimate dive destination offering the most diversified diving in the world. This is a destination for the most experienced traveler as well as the spirited neophyte intrigued by the unusual.

Length: 14 days

Exotic Highlights:

Day 1
Arrival to Alotau – PNG and transfer to the Chertan

Day 2 to 11
10 days Liveaboard on the Chertan, offering you the opportunity for unlimited diving in uncharted waters as well as experiencing the world’s most exotic local culture.

Day 12
Upon arrival in Mount Hagen you will be met and transferred for your tour. The highway leads eastward through tea & coffee plantations to the remote Mudmen Village. As the legend goes – the Mudmen warriors coated themselves with grey mud, and donned large bizarre masks, then set off to raid their rival Village. Seeing these ghostly apparitions, the rivals, thinking the dead had arisen, threw down their arrows and ran off in fear. – Your meeting with the Mudmen will include a Sing Sing. Tonight you will stay at the Haus Poroman – all meals included.

Day 13
Full day Highlands Tour – the Waghi Valley is a fertile area covered in flourishing tea and coffee plantations interspersed with picturesque village homesteads surrounded by traditional food gardens still tended by women in the age old way. The spectacular surrounding mountains reach a peak of 13647 feet. The tour will visit typical villages where you can observe the villager’s way-of-life, which are still governed by the belief of spirits, ritual and and magic. Overnight at Haus Poroman – with all meals included.

Day 14
Depart Port Moresby and return to the States.

Price: $4690.00 per person

The above is a sample exotic. Uncommon Adventures specializes in custom itineraries to suit your specific desires and needs as well. Please fell free to consult us to design an adventure of your own.

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Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.