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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

Experience the wild adventures of the author as he travels in remote corners of the world. Read more...

Experts in travel to remote corners of the world

PNG River Cruises

> South Pacific > Papua New Guinea

Features: The Sepik River and North Coast of PNG offer unique river cruising experiences. These cruises are expeditionary adventures through remote inlets, tropical fjords and to truly traditional and exotic villages.

Image source: livingtravel

Traveling on the rivers and coastal waters allows for intimate encounters with the rare wildlife and foliage native to this region. The MTS Discoverer offers 2 itineraries. One that explores the Sepik River, from Madang to Sepik, and another through the Trobriand Islands from Alotau to Madang.

The MTS Discoverer is a 42 passenger motor vehicle, designed to meet the demands of a true expeditionary cruise operation. It can cruise for periods of up to 30 days, and carries zodiacs, riverboats and on selected cruises a helicopter to access otherwise inaccessible areas. Shipboard amenities include three observation decks, video and book library, bar, lounge, dining room, music PA system, air conditioning, dive gear and roof top helicopter pad. Spacious lower berth cabins feature private bath, direct-dial satellite phones, large scenic windows, writing desk and video monitor for documentaries.

Sepik River Cruise

5 Days from Madang to Sepik – This leisurely cruise brings you along mangrove shores, and villages. The cruise crosses bustling local markets where the villagers sell their artifacts, like traditional storyboards and spirit houses. The shores are dotted with picturesque local cottages, gardens of kaukau (sweet potato), breadfruit and sago palms, with a variety of exotic birds, like the snowy egret, long-legged lily hoppers and cormorants.

Trobriand Islands Cruise

7 Days from Alotau to Madang – The Trobriand Islands lie north of the D’Entrecasteaux Group, forming sheer coral cliffs that rise 150 feet from the shore. The Discoverer follows along the traditional routes of the local Trobriander tribes, to discover cultural complexities of the “kula trading circle”. Visits will include the local gardens, where the yam is revered as a staple of the region. Stops also include pristine, uninhabited islands with white sandy beaches, coral reefs, tidal pools and lush jungle islands, with myriad of unusual orchids as well as “venus fly traps”. There are excellent diving opportunities along the way.

The above is an example of Lodging and Activities. Uncommon Adventures specializes in custom itineraries to suit your specific desires and needs as well. Please feel free to consult us to design an adventure of your own.

Uncommon Adventures specializes in unique adventure travel and expeditions to all corners of the world. Our well traveled staff is able to provide you with personal insights to the uncommon destinations on the planet. Life is short! Start your adventure today.

Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.