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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

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Venezuela Adventure Tour

> South America > Venezuela

Featuring: Caracas, Casa Natal de Bolívar, Colonia Tovar, Merida, the Andes, “Pico Bolivar”, the Gran Sabana, Angel Falls, Los Roques National Park.

Image source: brunomars

Length: 10 Days / 9 Nights

Itinerary Highlights:

DAY 1-USA/Caracas
Depart USA on flight to Caracas, Venezuela.

DAY 2-Caracas
Revel in the bustling activity of Caracas. In dramatic contrast with Caracas’ cosmopolitan style and modern architecture is the colonial Petares district. To continue exploring historical Caracas, go to the plaza Bolívar, and investigate the city’s 17th century cathedral. Visit the Casa Natal de Bolívar, birthplace of Simón Bolívar, liberator of South America. To see the progressive side of Caracas, stop by the Museum of Modern Art, one of the most important in South America. Go to the theater. Savor the delicious cuisine of Caracas’ best restaurants. Dance to an enticing Caribbean beat in a local discotec.

DAY 3-Caracas/Merida
In the morning, visit Colonia Tovar, a German settlement founded in 1843. This community was sheltered from the outside world for almost a century. Take an evening flight from Caracas to Merida. Be sure to visit the artisan markets that populate the capital of the Venezuelan Andes.

DAY 4-Merida
Enter La Mucuy Recreational Park to start your journey to the highest peaks in Venezuela. Take the world’s longest and highest cable car to “Pico Espejo” for a breath-taking view of Venezuela’s highest point, “Pico Bolivar”. Keep an eye out for the striking “frailejones” plant whose soft, flannel-like flower can grow up to eight feet tall and live up to 100 years. Nature lovers can also see almost 100 species of birds as well as orchids, bromeliads and haliconia.

DAY 5-Gran Sabana/Angel Falls
Leave Merida and head to the Canaima National Park in Southern Venezuela. “Wonder at the tepuyes”, flat topped mountains with vertical walls over which cascade thundering waterfalls. Arrive at Auyantepuy from which flows Angel Falls.

DAY 6-Gran Sabana/Angel Falls
This morning you can explore Angel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall at over 3.212 feet, fifteen times as large as Niagara Falls. Afterwards, visit the Canaima Lagoon, a very popular tourist spot.

DAY 7-Caracas/Los Roques
Catch a connecting flight to Gran Roque via Caracas. The beautiful views of crystal blue lagoons and pristine beaches will make you anxious to feel the sand beneath your feet! Check into your hotel and explore the island.

DAY 8-Los Roques
Snorkel in the protected coral reefs glimpsing beautiful tropical fish and exotic coral formations. Lunch on a catamaran and then sail to surrounding islands, hunting for the “perfect” beach. Take an optional guided scuba diving, deep sea diving or bone fishing tour.

DAY 9-Los Roques/Caracas
Spend the morning snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. An afternoon flight will return you to Caracas.

DAY 10-Caracas/USA
¡Adiós! Depart Caracas for USA.

Price: Call Uncommon Adventures for pricing

The above is a sample itinerary. Uncommon Adventures specializes in custom itineraries to suit your specific desires and needs as well. Please feel free to consult us to design an adventure of your own.

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Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.