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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

Experience the wild adventures of the author as he travels in remote corners of the world. Read more...

Experts in travel to remote corners of the world

Group Travel Services

One of our specialties at Uncommon Adventures is group services. We have the knowledge, experience and network of global operators and international embassies that are necessary to organize successful, intricate group travel.

Image source: migrationology

Here are some examples of groups we have worked with:

California Agricultural Leadership Program

For the past four years we have organized itineraries for this Foundation. The Agleaders is a Fellowship program that trains leaders in the Agricultural Industry. The highlight of the program is the International Travel Seminar. During their travels, participants meet with an array of leaders: from ambassadors to elementary school teachers; from corporate executives to heads of state. This International Seminar takes the Fellows to very exotic destinations from tiny villages in the Andes to remote desert locations in Male, Africa. Uncommon Adventures has successfully arranged itineraries that include flights, transportation, accommodations, meal plans and special meetings and activities with Heads of State in these regions as well as local grass roots operations.

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Celebrity Adventures

Celebrity Adventures was a reality television series on E! Entertainment that took a celebrity to an exotic destination and treated them to some far out adventures. Uncommon Adventures helped in every aspect of this program, beginning with researching and developing the itineraries and arranging all of the extraordinary activities, as well as special permits for filming and needs of the film crew. Arrangements ranged from negotiating accommodation trade outs, to finding the most daring activities for exciting television as well as all the specialty travel logistics, from First Class flights to camel rides in the desert.

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Digital Shootout

Uncommon Adventures has worked with Backscatter and Light and Motion on their Digital Shootout events. The Digital Shootout is an annual underwater photography seminar that has traveled in the past to Santika Resort in Indonesia, the Kararu in Indonesia and most recently to Taveuni, Fiji. These popular seminars include in-depth learning opportunities of the latest in underwater photography, with use of state of the art camera housing equipment as well as an Adobe representative that teaches about the wonders of digital photo editing. Arrangements for these groups include flights, accommodations, meals and diving.

For complete information, please call 1.888.390.9675
or email us at:

Uncommon Adventures specializes in unique adventure travel and expeditions to all corners of the world. Our well traveled staff is able to provide you with personal insights to the uncommon destinations on the planet. Life is short! Start your adventure today.

Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.