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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

Experience the wild adventures of the author as he travels in remote corners of the world. Read more...

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Iran Jaya Land-based Dive Resorts

> South Pacific > Iran Jaya

Features: The newest land-based dive resort Sorido Bay is home to “Cape Kri” the richest house reef anywhere in the world.

Image source: deepblueview.blogspot

Located on a beautiful deep lagoon and white sand beach on Kri Island, the dive resort is central to the most spectacular dive sites in the Raja Ampat. The reef has a plateau area and a slope with a cape. You can find anything here; from Eagle Rays, Manta, large schools of Baracuda, Jacks, Surgeonfish, Giant Groupers, Dogtooth Tuna, Shark species, as well as Pygmee Seahorses and great coral. Nearby on the mountainous Kri Island, is Kri Eco Resort also set on a pristine white beach. As well as prolific sea-life the region has a multitude of exotic birds: Eclectis Parrots, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Hornbills, Great Billed Parrots, Brush Turkeys, Lorikeets, and Kingfishers, among others.

Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort offers western-style comforts in a traditional Papuan setting. Each bungalow is decorated and furnished in a special Papuan style using local artifacts. All ammenities are provided, including; air-conditioning, hot showers, television, and refrigerators. Bungalows are spacious and set on the beach with stunning views of the bay. A photographer friendly resort that offers a 60 x 330 cm table especially for camera work with good lighting. The tables are supplied with 110V and 220V built-in electricity outlets. The camera tables have a built-in sinks and running water.

Kri Eco Resort

Kri Eco Resort is a simple but comfortable dive resort. Kri Eco Resort currently has 6 over-water guest bungalows. Most of the buildings contain two rooms and at least one sitting area. Rooms are divided by partitions with doors and window coverings that can be closed for privacy. Each room has a mattress, pillow and mosquito net for bedding. Furnishings are hand-made benches or lounge chairs and tables.

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Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.