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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

Experience the wild adventures of the author as he travels in remote corners of the world. Read more...

Experts in travel to remote corners of the world

Tahiti: Rangiroa and Manihi

> South Pacific > Tahiti

Features: Rangiroa is the largest of these atolls with its immense 42 mile long, 16 mile wide turquoise lagoon. Rangiroa and Manihi offer adventurers a chance to live amid wild, untamed scenery removed from civilization. A diving and snorkeling paradise, this massive natural aquarium harbors an unsurpassed variety of marine life.

Shooting the Pass

Whether diving, snorkeling or by glass bottom boat, “shooting the pass” is a once in a lifetime experience. You will drift in strong currents with up to 100 gray, black tip or white tip reef sharks. Manta rays and dolphins are often seen on this thrill ride.

Lagoon Excursion

Venture offshore across sun warmed waters to a deserted islet, taking time to snorkel and view the amazing marine life. Enjoy a beach barbecue on a perfect day at a perfect beach.

Pearl Farms

Visit a pearl farm and see for yourself how the rare black pearl is farmed from the giant black-lipped oyster.


Incredible numbers of manta rays, sharks, Napoleon wrasse, schooling barracuda and other exotic tropical fish abound in these exceptionally rich waters. Diving the pass in Rangiroa in 2 + knot currents with massive schools of sharks and other large marine life is truly an adrenal experience. The lagoons of the Tuamotus offer pristine aquarium diving at its finest. The walls of Manihi are unrivaled by any other island in French Polynesia and the marine life here is abundant and extraordinary. During certain months of the year, very large schools of groupers nest on these spectacular walls. Visibility is excellent year round.

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Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.