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Drifting On A Headwind

By Jim Harlan

Adventures in travel!

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Thailand: Chiang Rai Lodging

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Features: Thailand’s northernmost province, Chiang Rai is a verdant highland of towering mountain ranges and peaceful jungle rivers. Its mountains and jungle areas are home to more than ten hill tribes who have maintained their primitive ways. Chiang Rai is a favorite destination for nature lovers who enjoy hiking in cool high mountains, drifting down remote rivers, or wandering over hills to visit various ethnic tribes at their habitats.

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Chiang Rai borders the international Mekong River joining Myanmar and Laos at a common point on the river known as the Golden Triangle. The general attractions of Chiang Rai are its temples and monuments as well as a museum and tree memorial park. Elephant safaris can originate from this area; those originating from Chiang Mai often terminate in Chiang Rai.

Dusit Island Resort Hotel

Located on its own island in the Kok River, the Dusit Island Resort provides a base of modern luxury from which to explore the region’s timeless attractions. The resort offers seclusion amid natural surroundings and provides easy access to the town and other Chiang Rai attractions. Decorated in typical Northern Thailand style, the resort has 271 guest suites and rooms. Some extra spacious deluxe rooms have river views. The hotel has restaurants offering international cuisine.

Golden Triangle Resort

The Imperial Golden Triangle Resort is the first international-class facility to open in the Golden Triangle, featuring the perfect blend of classical Lanna ambience and modern facilities. The resort is situated above the Mekong and Ruak rivers, offering a spectacular view of the borders of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. The staff will arrange tours specifically suited to guests’ desires. There is a swimming pool, landscaped garden and several lotus ponds.

Suan Thip Vana Resort

Some 70 km from Chiang Rai and 107 km from Chiang Mai, Suan Thip Vana Resort is easily accessible from both cities. Transportation from either city to the resort is available upon request. The resort is located on a hillside among orchards overlooking the Mae Nam Lao River. 80 deluxe air-conditioned rooms and suites are housed in 2 story Lanna style buildings. The resort has its own local arts & crafts center.

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Photography courtesy of Randy Harwood Photography.